Applications due by the 24th of November 2021.

Our studio is looking for applicants with an interest in recruiting/HR and who are also excited by working in the video game industry. Our studio is on the rise, with a lot of fun projects in the works, so we need assistance managing our hiring pipeline. Whoever joins our team in this role will make sure that our interview process is exceptional, and their creativity will be valued as part of a small and passionate team of creators. This is a is a 12 - 20 hour/week paid internship position starting Jan. 17 and ending May 27th. You can get experience in the game industry while learning in a fun, nurturing environment.

As a Recruitment Coordination Intern, you will work closely with the accomplished senior members of the team, and learn what it takes to be an effective recruiter. You will be assigned a mentor, who will help you achieve your learning goals and help guide you through the various processes you might be unfamiliar with. It is a remote position, so you can work from anywhere you are located within the United States.

Even if you do not meet all the criteria listed in the next section, we encourage you to apply if you are interested. We understand that your qualifications may shine through in different ways and can be based on unique perspectives and experiences.

Desired Skills & Qualifications

  • A passion for games and entertainment that shows. Whether you love video games, board games, cosplay, or freeze tag — we want to know! If it doesn’t shine through your resume (e.g. work, academic, or community experience), please submit a cover letter.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Comfort with taking the initiative
  • Works well in team settings
  • Able to own their work and act independently
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Has shown themselves to value and advocate for diversity, which is laid out in a cover letter or experience section of resume
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Learns quickly and takes direction well

Your Responsibilities

  • Working with your mentor and hiring manager to organize university and job outreach
  • Finding and reaching out to accomplished schools with diverse pools of potential applicants
  • Building relationships with key staff members at schools and organizations that can connect us to applicants
  • Tracking down mailing lists, student organizations, job boards, and professors to pass our job postings to
  • Using applicant tracking software (Breezy HR) to manage most hiring processes
  • Communicate with applicants to guide them through the hiring process
  • Tracking applications, scheduling interviews, and keeping the hiring pipeline organized
  • Communicating with career coordinators at universities
  • Creating tasks for the members of the hiring team

Our Responsibilities To You

  • Encourage healthy working hours, and a respect for your time
  • Foster an environment of equal opportunity, treatment, and inclusion
  • Create a fun and playful environment that remains professional and respectful
  • Grow our culture positively and meaningfully through a high level of transparency and thoughtful conversation
  • Provide opportunities for you to learn and grow

Gamebreaking Studios is a growing young, LA-based company founded by technology leaders from around games, entertainment, and software. We found early success providing work-for-hire to other studios and now build everything from end-to-end games to online game platforms to individual feature integrations. We also develop our own games & IP alongside other projects.

Our mission is as follows: “We aspire to make games and media so fun that it improves people’s relationships and behaviors.” That is to say, while we are not a “serious games” company, we believe that making fun-first games enables us to make a positive impact. We believe deeply in our 5 core values and hope to find coworkers who share them.

  • Take Responsibility
  • Ambitious Goals, Disciplined Execution
  • Raise the Tide, Not One Boat
  • Designed for People, Built with Craftsmanship
  • We Play Together