Multiplayer games are the city-center of digital communities today, and online platforms are the skyscraping feats of engineering that make them possible. Gamebreaking Studios is an experienced team of architects, engineers, and planners working together to build those platforms and fuel the growth of our favorite pastime. Whether a million players are crowding into an indie darling, a planet full of fans are eagerly awaiting features in a AAA title, or we're cooking up something new in our back room, our engineers are called upon to make it all happen.

Gamebreaking Studios is looking to expand the team for our new custom build product, Bespoke CI. We aim to help studios of all sizes build and launch their games on Gaming Consoles, Mobile, and PC with modern CI tooling. As a member of our Build & Deploy engineering team, you will be working together with our Europe-based technical lead as a founding member of the product team. You will be working on a variety of game titles to automatically build and release games across multiple game engines, such as Unity and Unreal. We focus heavily on automation, with Configuration and Infrastructure as Code as core components of how we work.

As a Build Engineer working on a new bleeding-edge CI product, you'll have broad opportunities to grow professionally. You may be writing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Ansible one day, while the next debugging why a customer's game occasionally fails to build, then creating a framework to automate game unity testing another day. This is a full-stack role and you’ll be pivotal in shaping our codebase and infrastructure decisions.

We are prepared to craft the role around the right person, whether you’ve been programming for two years or for twenty, and we encourage you to apply even if you do not meet all of the skills listed here. We understand that your qualifications may shine through in different ways and can be based on unique perspectives and experiences.


  • A passion for games and entertainment that shows. Whether you love video games, board games, cosplay, or freeze tag — we want to know! If it doesn’t shine through your resume (e.g. work, academic, or community experience), please submit a cover letter
  • 2+ cumulative years professional experience across any of the following areas (or equivalent) - Unreal, Unity, Jenkins, build engineering, DevOps, or CI/CD
  • Experience with a strongly-typed programming language (C#, Java, C++, or similar)
  • Experience with scripting languages (Bash, Groovy, Ruby, PowerShell, or similar)
  • Working knowledge of Perforce, Git, or similar source control systems

Your Responsibilities

  • Write features and integrations to build and deploy games on multiple platforms
  • Develop Infrastructure as Code to manage machines across customer deployments
  • Support customers by integrating Bespoke CI into their game’s codebase
  • Help drive business and product decisions at a high-level
  • Put on your troubleshooting hat and diagnose game build failures
  • Delight customers with a friendly, positive attitude and technical know-how

Our Responsibilities To You

  • Encourage healthy working hours, PTO, and a respect for your time
  • Foster an environment of equal opportunity, treatment, and inclusion
  • Create a fun and playful environment that remains professional and respectful
  • Grow our culture positively and meaningfully through a high level of transparency and thoughtful conversation
  • Provide opportunities for you to learn and grow

Potential Roles and Growth Paths (Choose One)

  • Account / Support Lead — Take responsibility for upholding quality from a customer’s perspective and managing our relationship with them
  • Tech Area Expert (DevOps) — Become Gamebreaking Studios’ expert in all things infrastructure as code, both as part of Bespoke CI and outside it on our other projects
  • Senior Software Engineer (Backend) — Grow to a Senior Software Engineer across many different projects at Gamebreaking Studios
  • DIY — A small company means big opportunities if you're willing to forge your own path, and we're here to support you!